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-Broadway World

"intense, provocative and sensitinve all at once"


Mike Farragher





-Trina T. Clark

Press & Reviews

New York Daily News

Stage play ‘The Bigot’ brings bias onto center stage...

Gazette Colorado Springs

Broadway World

THE BIGOT A New Provocative Play Comes to Manhattan Rep...

Orlando Sentinel

Heritage Florida Jewish News

Off Broadway Play “The Bigot” Coming to Orlando in February 2018...

Springs on Stage

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Jim is an equal opportunity bigot. He's is intolerant on the basis of religion, politics, sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity – he hates anyone different from him and is happy to let them know it. That he hasn’t yet converted his adult liberal son, Seth, to his beliefs is a source of never-ending frustration. It's almost as annoying as the two lesbians living next door - Paula and her partner Aysha, an African American woman.

But “The Bigot” is about to get the shock of his life, and so are you.

When things don’t go Jim's way and his life starts to crumble in front of his (and our) eyes, something happens that changes not only his life forever, it changes everybody around him.

THE BIGOT- A play written by Gabi Mor and Eva Mor. Produced by Off Broadway “Manhattan Repertory Theatre”. THE POWER OF FAITH Screenplay were a finalists at 2014 International Beverly Hills Film Festival as well as semi-finalists at South Carolina International film festival. Gabi Mor is the founder of the “BEST ORIGINAL SONG” online competition with over 2 million viewers in 2011-2012. Gabi & Eva Mor wrote THE COMPETITION –The biggest competition artists in the Universe an animated scripted comedy. Dr. Eva Mor is the author of the book“MAKING THE GOLDEN YEARS GOLDEN” . Gabi & Eva Mor wrote “NOTES OF HOPE” the musical book, lyrics and music with the Broadway producer Michael Alden collaboration.

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