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THE BIGOT is now
available for

Ed Gaynes is proud to announce that Gabi and Eva’s Mor’s play THE BIGOT, A Dark Comedy is now available for licensing for theatrical productions!


THE BIGOT, A Dark Comedy has been praised as “Archie Bunker 2.0! Very Funny!” in the New York Daily News and has been lauded as “ Very poignant and Tony worthy ” by Broadway World .

Jim is a racist, chauvinist, and homophobe. Eager to, but unsuccessful in convincing his liberal-minded son Seth to convert to his skewed belief system, The Bigot stews in his own anger. His intolerant viewpoints are complicated further when two lesbians move next door, eventually leading to the shock of his life.

THE BIGOT, A Dark Comedy
received it’s Off Broadway
premiere at St. Clement’s Theatre
starring the acclaimed Broadway
actor Stephen Payne ( Straight
White Men ) Dana Watkins, Jaimi
Paige and Faiven Feshazion.
Prior to it’s NYC production, The
Bigot enjoyed several regional
productions around the country
(including Colorado Springs,
Orlando Fort Lauderdale and
North Hollywood),


For licensing inquiries, please contact Ed Gaynes, , 212-947-3499

“ The Bigot ends up doing for us exactly what the playwrights wanted to have done: Have us leaving the theater with a heart a little more open to the world.”- Theater That Matters

“ There is a glimmer of hope in this play, that makes us think “Maybe if we can’t completely change someone, we can at least make a little dent”, and then that dent becomes a crack, and that crack makes more cracks, and maybe, ever so slowly something changes. While Jim doesn’t make a complete one-eighty, we see a crack just large enough for Seth, Paula, and Aysha to shine a little light through. And boy does this world need a little light.” - On Stage Blog

"The Bigot by Gabi and Eva Mor is a charming contemporary dark comedy, solidly constructed with its Norman Lear-style comedic sensibility that enriches their well-drawn characters. The Bigot’s mouthpiece is the splendid Stephen Payne who is able to make the most corrosive statements sound funny while expressing emotion. His vivid characterization emits humanity, making the crusty Jim much more than just an ogre. By the end of the play, the role has accumulated the impact of an Arthur Miller-type figure. Seth Watkins’ wonderful soulfulness is powerful. Jaimi Paige is delightful. Faiven Feshazion is captivating. The Bigot is really an entertaining old-fashioned well-made play with an edge!" - The Theater Scene

“ Never knowing where The Bigot was going made it a fun, and at times, a very funny, ride!” - Geeks Media

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